Dustin & Sean

Dustin Taylor began writing and illustrating stories in kindergarten when his teacher gave the class small, blank books of construction paper.

His 7th grade English teacher then sparked in him a passion for constructing  sentences in such a way to tell the best story possible, and to this day, he happily struggles to do so as often as he can.

Seattle, May 2015

Ever since Sean Kelly was a hyper-active young man, everything in his life has taken a back seat to one thing, and one thing only: storytelling. 

This passion for entertaining those around him attracted him to many creative arts, the foremost of which was creating new and unique stories through the written word. His debut novel The Drive Home and episodic series For a Ghost-Free Time, Call are available now!

The guys met at Roaring Rapids Pizza in Eugene, Oregon, circa 2007. Dustin worked the counter and Sean made pizzas. They first bonded over beer, shrimp, and Sons of Anarchy but soon recognized a shared passion for words and the stories to be told with them.

Emerald Inkwell is the product of their passion. The value in surrounding themselves with others who shared their zeal for stories and the Pacific Northwest was apparent, as was doing whatever they could to get good stories out there to be read.

Check back soon for a Q&A with the guys!