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Catalyst, a novel by Dustin Taylor, is out now!

The debut novel from Emerald Inkwell Co-Founder, Dustin Taylor! Catalyst is an examination of life through the eyes of Michael Wise, a twenty-something college dropout who has found himself in a terrifyingly dark place as he coasts through each day with no real motivation to make it to the next.  Available in Print and eBook devices!

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About Us

At Emerald Inkwell, we have a passion for two things:

storytelling and the Pacific Northwest.

EI was founded by Dustin Taylor and Sean Kelly in 2014. The idea originated as a vehicle for them to publish their own work rather than submitting to the tiresome dance of the traditional publishing process. However, the idea quickly grew into something larger: the desire to help others do the same.

We believe there are countless stories to be told of the beautiful upper left of the United States, and we want to encourage people - natives and visitors alike - to tell those stories. We're here to bring like-minded people together into a support network - sort of a "Lost Generation" of the PNW, if you will - and to share our stories with the world.


The Inkwell

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As writers, we want to eliminate the stigma surrounding self-publishing. As PNW-grown creatives, we want to help writers and other artists connect with each other as well as the audiences they strive to reach.

It can be difficult to get the product of your passion out into the world, and we all have our own reasons for wanting to do so. It can be especially daunting to take the tried-and-true traditional route, when so often we lack any connections or even an idea of how to go about getting our work into the right hands.


At EI, we're working to build a community of those like us who want to do whatever they can to tell their story, whether through words, photographs, sketches, or any other medium.

More info coming soon!

Books & Projects


For a Ghost-Free Time, Call

The Drive Home

A Tale of Bromance and Horror



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